Which ‘Loki’ Character Are You?

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Which 'Loki' Character Are You?

Loki, while being portrayed as a villain, has proven to be an unexpectedly popular figure since his debut appearance in 2011’s Thor. As Empire and WatchMojo can confirm, he regularly appears on lists of popular characters. According to a survey conducted by Embrace Pet Insurance, Loki is also one of the most popular Marvel dog names.

Loki has died more times than we can count in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, yet he always returns because Loki is immortal. As the Disney+ spin-off, Loki approaches its conclusion, we can’t help but marvel (excuse the pun) at how popular the show has become.

What is it about Loki that makes him so appealing? The obvious answer is that he’s played by Tom Hiddleston, who, let’s face it, is quite gorgeous. He’s also incredibly skilled, and he’s managed to imbue Loki with a great deal of charm while convincing us that the God of Mischief can never be trusted.

When the first posters of Hiddleston as the Marvel superhero were unveiled, he appeared to be straight out of a comic book. That was the first hint that this was going to be a unique persona. Hiddleston’s on-screen sibling Chris Hemsworth’s chemistry with him also helped solidify his image as the hottest new star.

Loki’s journey has been one of the most unified and gratifying in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From his early attempts to undermine Thor to his heroic death attempting to fight Thanos, the God of Mischief was delightfully fascinating throughout, winning a following of dedicated admirers in the process. His tumultuous ties with his family and battle to define himself ensured that he would be regarded as a compelling, believable character.

The arcs about his position as an adopted son and sadness over his mother’s death made Loki a fantastic character in the first two Thor flicks. He also had a significant role in Ragnarok, whether it was providing amazing comedic moments or finally mending his friendship with Thor and achieving forgiveness (well, sort of).

Tom Hiddleston gave a wonderful portrayal as Loki throughout his trip, conveying Loki’s inherent charm and inner fears in a sequence of magnificent performances. It’ll be exciting to see how the storey of the God of Mischief from another timeline unfolds, but Loki’s reputation as one of the MCU’s biggest successes is already secure.

There are some great characters in ‘Loki’ and we of course want to be best friends with all of them. But who are you most like? Take our “Which Loki character are you?” quiz to find out if you’re a member of the TVA, a mischievous god, or a body double.



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